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blunova Wireless Controller Quick Start Guide


Please follow the instructions closely or will result permanent damages to the light!

Heads up! Your StarkLED blunova light should have v1.05 firmware installed. Otherwise you will see “USB connection failed” when pair up the light.

To upgrade the firmware, please see: Firmware Upgrade

Set the Host Number of the Wireless Controller

Go to “Settings” by pressing “SET” key at standby menu. Choose “Light” using “+” or “-” and press “SET” to select. Choose “Set Host Number”.

Choose a host number other than “0″.

If you have more than one blunova Wireless Controller in your room, please choose different host number for different wireless controller.

Pair up the light with the wireless controller

Go to “Settings” -> “Light” -> “Add Light”.

Press “SET” again
The screen will ask you to connect the light using USB cable.

Plug in the USB cable to the light. Please also plugin the power cable for the light.

Warning! When plug in the USB cable to the light, please handle with great caution and carefulness. DO NOT MOVE THE USB PLUG VERTICALLY.

Plug in the USB cable to the wireless controller.

Press “SET”, you should see “Found New Light”
You should see your light flash briefly.

Press “SET” again to save the light
Your light should continue to flash unless you press “ESC”


Disconnect the USB cable


View Paired Lights

Go to “Settings” -> “Light” -> “View Lights”

Your light should continue to flash unless you press “ESC”

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